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BuddahVibes, immerse yourself in top-tier audio engineering, unique production services and consistent releasing of new Buddahvibes music. Buddah Abusah, a seasoned audio engineer, recording artist and producer is passionate about sculpting sonic experiences and delivering a musical journey. Always looking to craft unparallel soundscapes that resonate with emotion and precision. At BuddahVibes, it’s all about bringing your visions to life, ensuring every note, beat, and rhythm creates an immersive and unforgettable journey.


Audio Engineering

Dive into a world of excellence with our audio engineering expertise at BuddahVibes. Masterfully shaping sound, meticulously refining notes to capture the essence of your musical vision. Book now!

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Experience the artistry of sound creation within music and audio production. Mainly delivering production in hip-hop and Lo-Fi, Buddah transforms concepts with vibrant melodies and chopped samples, crafting the Buddahvibes experience and emotion.


Audio Engineer, Producer, Artist

Meet Buddah Abusah

Buddah Abusah, a versatile artist hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has etched his mark as a rapper, songwriter, audio engineer, and producer. Born and raised in the vibrant city, Buddah embodies the essence of a “Modern Day Hippie,” using his craft to resonate with those who believe in the values of peace, love, and equality.

Having embarked on his musical journey in 2008, Buddah has consistently pushed the boundaries of his artistry, driven by an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Through dedicated self-teaching, schooling and mentorship, he has evolved into a multifaceted artist, delving into various facets of music creation and production.

In 2012, Buddah took a significant step into the world of audio, and by 2019, he immersed himself more deeply, cultivating a distinctive sound that transcends the conventional sound of hip-hop and Lo-Fi. Beyond his prowess as a rapper, Buddah’s exploration of music production showcases his versatility and dedication to mastering his craft.

Buddah’s musical narrative offers a unique perspective on the Modern Day Hippie’s outlook on life. His stage presence is a kaleidoscope of creativity, marked by fun, vibed lyrics that distinguish him from his peers. Continuously evolving, Buddah strives to introduce his audience to the modern-day hippie lifestyle, delivering a sonic experience that embodies the principles of peace, love, and equality.

With a renewed mindset and a fresh outlook on life, Buddah extends his reach to fans globally, offering them a distinct musical experience unparalleled by any other artist. As an ambassador of Canadian hip-hop, he aims to place Hamilton firmly on the musical map, contributing a new and innovative sound to the world. Through his music, Buddah advocates for the transformative power of peace and tranquility, encapsulated in what he aptly terms “BuddahVibes.”


Buddah Abusah’s music can be found on all major platforms.

Apple Music | YouTube | Spotify | Sound Cloud


See what clients are saying about working with Buddah.

“I think the track sounds awesome man it exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for the help!”

“It’s def momma and daddy approved lol. Sent it to Tyler and he said we snapped!”

“I think Buzz is good to go, been jammin to it a ton and i’m happy”

“Yoo this is great, it’s good to go”

“Dope just peeped, it’s fire tysm”

“Mix is great!! Love what u did with the outro.”

“Yes mane I’m loving it. Mixed Up is exactly how I want it to sound. Georgia sounds rly dope too.”

DAW & Plugins Used

Buddah Abusah uses the latest in audio engineering and production technology.

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